Our Research Group IEV was actively involved in organizing the International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications 2020, ISETC2020. We proposed the “Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision” track.

Chaired by Viorica PATRAUCEAN, Google DeepMind, UK and Cătălin CĂLEANU, Politehnica University Timișoara, Romania, the AI & CV Section accepted 21 papers, 3 track invited speakers and one plenary speaker:

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 1

Chairman: Dr. Viorica Patraucean (Deep Mind, United Kingdom)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Mihai Ivanovici (Transilvania University Brasov)

  1. 12.20:00-12:40 Deep CNN for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Focal Liver Lesions Diagnosis, Cristina Laura Sîrbu, Georgiana Simion, Cătălin Daniel Căleanu
  2. 12:40-13:00 Color fractal texture image complexity estimation using a convolutional neural network, Mihai Ivanovici, Cosmin Hatfaludi, Radu-Mihai Coliban
  3. 13:00-13:20 Advanced Quantization Methods for CNNs, Norbert Mitschke, Michael Heizmann
  4. 13:20-13:40 People Detection in a Depth Sensor Network via Multi-View CNNs trained on Synthetic Data, Johannes Wetzel, Samuel Zeitvogel, Astrid Laubenheimer, Michael Heizmann
  5. 13:40-14:00 Head Gesture Recognition based on 6DOF Inertial sensor using Artificial Neural Network, Ionut-Cristian Severin, Dan-Marius Dobrea
  • Invited speaker – Dr. eng. Tudor Nicosevici Head of ADAS Advanced Engineering Romania – Continental Automotive Romania, AI in Autonomous Driving: from Sensors to Decisions

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 2

Chairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Cătălin Daniel Căleanu (Politehnica University Timisoara)

Cochairman: Assoc.Prof.PhD.Habil.Eng. Dan-Marius Dobrea (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Iasi)

  1. 16.00:00-16:20 A survey on outlier detection methods applied on air quality data, Iuliana-Andreea Stroia-Vlad, Gabriel Mihail Danciu
  2. 16:20-16:40 Analyzing parking lots vacancy detection algorithms using Mask R-CNN implementations, Razvan Vilceanu, Mihai Onita, Andrei Ternauciuc
  3. 16:40-17:00 TeLU: a new activation function for Deep Learning, Marina Adriana Mercioni, Stefan Holban
  4. 17:00-17:20 ARM Embedded Low Cost Solution for Implementing Deep Learning Paradigms, Ioan Lucan Orășan, Cătălin Daniel Căleanu
  5. 17:20-17:40 P-Swish: Activation Function With Learnable Parameters Based on Swish Activation Function in Deep Learning, Marina Adriana Mercioni, Stefan Holban
  • Invited speaker – Dumitru ERHAN, Google Brain, USA, Lecture topic: World Models, slides here.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 3

Chairman: Prof.Ph.D.Eng. Michael Heizmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Habil.Eng. Cătălin Daniel Căleanu (Politehnica University Timisoara)

  • Invited speaker – Dan Pescaru, R&D Research Director, Vasile Gui, Chief Researcher,Everseen Limited, Action Recognition: Fighting Data Dimensionality
  1. 9.20:00-9:40 Face Recognition Using Tensors and Gradient Descriptors, Claudia Cristina Oprea, Laura Maria Dogariu
  2. 9:40-10:00 Deep Learning based Eye Gaze Tracking for Automotive Applications, Adrian Bublea, Cătălin Daniel Căleanu
  3. 10:00-10:20 Smart Mirror for Skin Type Identification, Ademona Dragomir, Georgiana Simion, Iasmina Ermalai
  4. 10:20-10:40 Generative Adversarial Networks for Total Electron Content Prediction, Cristian Damian, Daniela Coltuc
  5. 10:40-11:00 RD-CNN: A Compact and Efficient Convolutional Neural Net for Sound Classification, Radu Dogaru, Ioana Dogaru

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 4

 Chairman: Dr. Viorica Patraucean (Deep Mind, United Kingdom)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Radu Dogaru (Politehnica University of Bucharest)

  • Invited speaker – Mario Florea, Software Technical Lead, Imagination Technologies Group plc, Imagination technologies
  1. 12:20-12:40 End-to-End Computer Vision Framework, Ciprian Orhei, Muguras Mocofan, Silviu Vert, Radu Vasiu,
  2. 12:40-13:00 Intention prediction of car drivers at inner city junctions, Hannes Weinreuter, Nadine-Rebecca Strelau, Barbara Deml, Michael Heizmann
  3. 13:00-13:20 Diseases detection on medical images using light-weight Convolutional Neural Networks for resource contrained platforms, Alin Cococi, Daniel Armanda, Iulian Felea, Radu Dogaru
  4. 13:20-13:40 Efficient analysis of digital systems’ supplied data, Alexandru Dinu, Gabriel Mihail Danciu, Petre Lucian Ogruțan
  5. 13:40-14:00 Day and Night vehicle detection system using 2D-DWT and CNN for traffic monitoring, Ibtissam Slimani, Abdelmoghit Zaarane, Wahban Al Okaishi, Issam Atouf, Mohamed Benrabh
  6. 14:00-14:20 An automated Vehicle Detection System during Day and Night using CNN for Driving Assistance, Abdelmoghit ZAARANE, Ibtissam Slimani, Wahban Al Okaishi, Issam Atouf, Mohamed Benrabh